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(The Voice Over Baron)

Barron B. Bass

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"I feel like we cheated by hiring you..."

- Agency producer on 2-27-24, when the record session was finished 3 hours in advance

As voice for brands BIG and SMALL, I've had wonderful career, voicing animation, video games, promos, commercials, & more. I've worked with most of the brands you know and the ones you don't. My track record is solid, and my versatility keeps me busy. I would be honored to work with you


B is currently polishing his monocle to scrutinize a few ancient scrolls, eventually preparing

said scrolls for an intense proclamation at the summit of a canyon.

With a portable microphone and booth, of course. 


Barron also has extensive theatre & on-camera experience, and spent a year training at Shakespeare's Globe in London, UK. When he is not going blah-blah, he is most likely doing the blahs on TV or blabbing about 

producing a film. His fiefdom is inspired, but tired.


*ALL VIDEO DEMOS ARE ABOVE, in the player.*

My Bio - Studio Specs & link to GVAA Rate Guide - IMDB 

Commercial Demo
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Promo Demo
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Character Demo
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Battle tested talent.

Battle tested talent.

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The cool, laid back, chill, nightlife friend

Sophisticated, classy, in the know, fun

Passionate young, 'urban' millennial

Upbeat, hip, smart, trendy best friend

I like to Laugh, you should too! Follow me @BBassny
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