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(I have to link it here this way otherwise I will keep getting spam email...)


Representation - 


VO, Abrams Artists (NYC)

Billy Serow/Nic Frascino

nic.frascino @



VO, In Both Ears (West Coast)

Sam Roberts

sam @


Legit, Avalon Artists,

Craig Holzberg

craig @


Commercial, KMR Associates -

Tracey Goldblum

TGoldblum @ 


Manager - 

Ingrid French

ingridsdfrench @

BBasstheillest Love My Bounce Apr2015 (3
Contact Me


For voice over inquiries, please include the following in your email to save time. You can check the GVAA rate guide as a rough baseline for fees. If you don't have all the info yet, its ok - as much as possible helps:

1 - What is your budget range?

2 - How soon do you need your VO? Do you need editing? (I usually send raw audio, but can help within reason)

3 - What is the tone / delivery / spec you are looking for? Do you have links / examples / celebrity references? Any and all specific ideas to your vision are welcome. (I can't read minds!)

4 - Where will the final product be distributed and on what medium? Broadcast / paid media / non-paid, internal?

5 - How long will it be distributed? AKA what is the term for your campaign? (for any paid media, I cannot grant rights in perpetuity by nature of the business but can help find a happy medium)

6 - Are you looking to direct in a session? Or should I self direct? (I will allow revisions within reason if I am self directing, but highly recommend a directed session, so you can have a nice array of options based on your creative vision)

7 - If I'm not self directing, how would you like to connect so we can hear each other in real time?

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